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Transfer of Premises Licence

The transfer of a licence takes place when a business changes ownership & involves obtaining the consent of the previous owner.

A premises licence must be held by a party (whether corporate, individual or a group of individuals) who carry on or intend to carry on a business which uses the premises for licensable activities. If you are taking over premises, you need to apply for the transfer of the premises licence to you. If you are leaving a business having held the licence, you need to ensure that that licence is transferred away from you and your responsibility for operating the site has ceased.

If a premises licence holder dies, becomes mentally incapacitated or insolvent or loses the right to work in the UK, the premises licence lapses immediately. Any person who has an interest in the business may apply to resurrect the licence, but they can only do so within the next 28 days. Failure to apply for the licence to remain within that time means the licence will lapse and no longer authorise the licensable activities at the premises.

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