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Personal Licence

A Personal Licence is granted to an individual and it enables that person to make, or to authorise other staff members to make sales of alcohol.

To be granted a personal licence you must be over 18 years age, have gained the Personal Licence Holders qualification and not have any unspent, relevant criminal convictions that are of concern.

The application process:

  • Gain the personal licence qualification (APLH)
  • Apply for a DBS (criminal record check)
  • Complete forms and submit application to the local council
  • Personal licence granted

Who should apply for a personal licence?

Anyone working in premises licensed to sell alcohol and whose job role involves supervising or authorising members of staff to sell alcohol to the public. Managers, assistant managers or supervisor working in pubs, clubs, shops, restaurants and hotels & any other premises where alcohol is sold should apply for a personal licence.

If you have already obtained your qualification, we can help you through the process of applying for your personal licence.

We Are Here To Help

If you need any immediate advice or our help to apply for a personal licence, contact us on 01282 500322.