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Immediate Advice

Having access to immediate expert advice is invaluable for any business. Licensing Matters provides on the spot advice on police enforcement, how to handle licensing visits & requests for meetings and interviews.

Any individual or organisation that sells alcohol or provides entertainment not only needs to be able to access expert advice on licensing quickly and easily, but they also need a service that can then respond and provide immediate solutions to a problem. The very friendly staff at Licensing Matters are on the end of the phone and you will always speak with someone with years of experience and knowledge. This is what sets us apart from other services and in particular the traditional choice of licensing solicitors.

Another reason why we are the first choice for many business owners is because our expertise and professionalism are combined with a down to earth, straight-talking approach. The advice we give is simple to understand and packed with common sense. We are known for being proactive and take charge of the situation and have the well- earned reputation for reliability and going the extra mile to help.

We Are Here To Help

If you need any immediate advice, contact us on 01282 500322 or use our Contact Form to get in touch