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New Premises Licence Application

A Premises Licence allows the sale of alcohol, the provision of regulated entertainment and the provision of late-night refreshment.

A Premises Licence is issued by the local council and allows the sale of alcohol, the supply of alcohol in a qualifying club, the provision of regulated entertainment and late-night refreshment. All premises licences are specific to particular premises and include the hours of operation & permitted activities and conditions setting out how those activities must be carried out.

Getting the content of a new premises licence right the first time is absolutely essential, and we conduct the whole process on your behalf. You pay us, not so much to submit the paperwork, but for our experience in negotiating with the authorities, in particular the police. Accepting some requests made by the police or other authorities may seem right at the time but can cause you many problems with your licence in the future. Our long- standing relationship with the authorities means that we ensure that you are treated reasonably.

The process has a consultation period of 28 days, during which 10 authorities, residents and businesses must be informed of the application by advertising. We conduct the whole process on your behalf and take care of all the procedural requirements while keeping you informed at every stage.

Whether you are a pub, bar or shop and want to open and trade 8 hours a day or 24 hours, we will obtain you maximum flexibility for your business and ensure you the very best prospects for success.

We Are Here To Help

If you need any immediate advice or need to start a new premises licence application, contact us on 01282 500322 or use our Contact Form to get in touch