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Personal Licence Renewal in England & Wales

We have had numerous enquiries regarding the impending licence renewals, the first of which are due in February 2015. As lots of you maybe aware Scotland is now going through its first batch of alcohol licence refresher training and licences are set to be renewed or revoked on the 1st of December 2014. In Scotland under the Licensing(Scotland)Act 2005 personal licence holders have to undertake refresher training every five years.

England and Wales have no such requirement for refresher training under the Licensing Act 2003. The only requirement was to renew the licence which would involve submitting an application form, an up to date basic criminal records bureau check, together with two endorsed photographs and the original personal licence.There is currently a Deregulation Bill, (Clause 54) of which seeks to abolish personal licence renewals, this is being considered in the House of Lords, with several stages still being required before obtaining Royal Assent. Our point of concern is that the Clause 54 will need to be enacted by statutory instrument and the Home Office has been reported to anticipate this to occur in March / April 2015! Also another point of concern is that licence holder that had their personal licence granted under Grandfather Rights have never received any formal training on the licensing Act 2003.

A recent statement by licensing solicitors Poppleston Allen said that, ”Following impending changes to the law, no personal licence holder will need to renew their licence. The government has recently introduced a section in the Deregulation Bill which will remove the requirement to renew a personal licence. This Bill is expected to become law before the first date on which a personal licence becomes due for renewal next year, and resultantly, no current personal licence will need to apply for renewal and their licence will no longer have an expiry date. In short, a Designated Premises Supervisors will not need to renew their personal licences next year.”

Of course will keep everyone up dated to actual final dissension on personal licence renewals for England and Wales.