Variation to Premises Licences – Hours & Conditions

Changes can be made to a premises licence at any time if you want to extend your business activities and improve the scope of your licence. Examples of changes you may want to make might include adding more hours for the sale of alcohol or hours that the premises can be open or if you want to remove restrictive conditions that are no longer relevant. You must also make an application if you want to make internal alterations to the layout of the premises.

Such changes require a variation application to be made to change the licence and the different types of variation application are outlined below.

Full Variation

The full variation application process is as involved as applying for a new premises licence. The process is as involved as applying for a new premises licence. The process has a consultation period of 28 days, during which 10 authorities, residents and businesses must be informed of the application by advertising. We conduct the whole process on your behalf and take care of all the procedural requirements while keeping you informed at every stage.

As with new premises licence applications, our experience is such that before any application is made we can advise you on the prospects for success and what is the best way to deal with the application.

Minor Variation

Where changes to a Premises Licence are required that are minor there is a much simpler process available to you known as a minor variation. This process is for basic changes that the licensing authority feel do not affect the operation of the premises.

An example might be when you need change the layout to the premises by moving the bar, counter or shelving.

Minor variations avoid the need for a full formal application with the formalities and costs that these bring.