Change of Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS)

If your premises licence authorises the sale of alcohol you must have a person named on it as the Designated Premises Supervisor or DPS. The DPS is the person identified as being in day to day control of the business for the purposes of alcohol sales. They must hold a personal licence and in most cases (but not always) are the owner of the business or a person in a management position.

A business cannot sell alcohol without a DPS being named on the premises licence and changes to this position need to be dealt with efficiently to ensure the business is not affected.

If you are to be appointed as a DPS or if you are arranging a DPS change at one of your premises, you need to apply to vary the premises licence to appoint the new person taking on the role. The application should be made in advance of the change although it can be lodged to take immediate effect. The new DPS must sign a consent form in support of the application.