Internal & Bespoke Training


It is essential that all staff who sell alcohol understand their responsibilities when selling to customers and no employee should be permitted to make any sales until they have been appropriately trained. It is not always practical to send all new staff on costly external courses and for that reason it is essential that all owners of licensed businesses have to hand their own internal training system.

We can provide your business with an online internal training system to satisfy the authorities that you have the correct due diligence procedures in place. The training package includes the course, the test papers and all the relevant due diligence forms to evidence not only that training has taken place, but that the employee has understood their responsibilities. The system is fully automated and competed online. All records are stored online and the learning management system reminds you and your staff to complete training at specified periods.

In the event that something should go wrong at your premises, such as an underage sale, the training package will provide protection for you and your business in the event of a criminal investigation.

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Sometimes our clients have a particular need for training and require a more focused and targeted training programme. It may be that training need to take place within a time frame. It could be to meet the requirements of enforcement agencies after failings are found, to evidence improvements in the business or just to maintain due diligence standards.

Whatever the reason, our training courses can be utilised in a variety of ways to respond to your needs. Contact us and tell us about your particular requirements and we will give you the very best advice with no obligation.

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