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Minimum pricing of alcohol in Wales

Press release from the Welsh Government:

“This week the Welsh Government moved one step closer to implementing minimum unit pricing (MUP) of 50p across Wales. Vaughan Gething AM, Minister for Health and Social Services in Wales, announced in a statement to members that 2nd March 2020 is the date when the regulations will come into force, subject to agreement by the Welsh Assembly next month.

The Welsh Government had initially planned to introduce MUP earlier this year, but faced resistance after Portugal raised an objection to the proposal. Detailed justification was submitted by the Welsh Government to the EU in response, and now they are progressing with the new start date as announced.

In his statement to the Assembly, Mr Gething said “We have worked closely with retailers, the alcohol industry, public health and substance misuse stakeholders to develop guidance and additional supporting materials about minimum pricing for alcohol.

We will introduce communications campaigns for retailers and the general public in the run-up to implementation, which will continue to promote the public health aims of the legislation.”

A report has been commissioned by the Welsh Government to research the potential impact of introducing MUP on alcohol-dependent people who will be affected most by its implementation, and is set to be published later this month.”